Prolotherapy – Is it Worth a Try?

After trying just about every affordable non-invasive low back therapy available, I became desperate enough to try Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is basically glucose and water injections into the ligaments (sometimes they use extra additives). This may stimulate hardening, tightening, and thickening of the ligaments.  After extensive google research and reading the abstract from studies on Google Scholar, I decided that it may have some merit. I found a naturopathic doctor with 8 years of experience, and 90% of his patients receiving Prolotherapy. He said that 80% of his patients find it effective.


At $150 per injection I received five injections in the lower back and five in the knee over two months. The knee injections did not provide any improvements for my patella-fermoral pain, but my lower back did show significant improvement. If my lower back pain is due to ligament laxity like my physiotherapist tells me, then this would make sense. Those five lower back injections have relieved my pain by approximately 50%. So yes, I would say that it is worth a try to stimulate some healing and remove some ligament laxity in the spine, but it will not deal with muscle tightness that may be causing the damage in the first place. Muscle tightness can disrupt normal alignment resulting in wear and tear of the spine. See my post on How to Stretch to resolve muscle tightness.

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