My Story

During my 20s I trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3-5 times per week for approximately 2 hours each day. I was healthy during this time. The training was very intense. It started with 45 minutes of Calisthenics, followed by 45 minutes of technique training, and then half an hour of non-stop rolling/wrestling. During these 7 years I developed significant muscle imbalances and had a several acute injuries to my knees, but, I did not have any lower back pain,  just the occasional upper back pain and frequent neck pain from rolling. In 2008 I quit BJJ due to my final knee injury. After this injury I began to favor one leg over the other which resulted in more muscle imbalance. I later discovered more about my body that made me susceptible to lower back and joint injuries such as benign ligament laxity and leg length discrepancy. This is my journey of troubleshooting and managing upper/lower back pain and patella-femoral syndrome.

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