Manage Your Patella-Femoral Syndrome

Manage Your Patella-Femoral Syndrome with stretching, cycling, and rolling. PFS is caused by tension in the lateral direction (outside of the body), and slack in the medial direction (towards the mid-line of the body).

I own and love these products. They have really helped me to manage my patella-femoral syndrome, and other products have helped my upper and lower back pain.

Here is how to use these products.

Roll the thigh, IT band and fascia-lateralus.

Loosen up this tissue, get the trigger points out, and inhibit the muscle by rolling.

Start with the Green Foam roller and overtime transition to the tougher TP Quad Baller

After a good Rolling, go for a cycle on the Progression Fitness Stationary Spin Bike.

The rolling will have inhibited the Vastus-Lateralis and the cycling will activate the Vastus-Medialis, allowing the kneecap to be pulled to the inside allowing even tracking.

Cycle at least twice a day for at least 5 to 10 minutes, and always Roll before and after.

I recommend a spin bike for the more athletic crowd.


Green Foam Roller (High Density)

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TP Quad Baller

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