How soon should I see a physiotherapist after a knee injury?

I’ve had good luck with physiotherapists when it comes to knee injuries. My first two sports related knee injuries healed completely thanks to physiotherapy. I was also in my twenties which probably helped. I followed their instructions for what to do at home (stretching, massaging, exercising) and I had about […]

Prolotherapy – Is it Worth a Try?

After trying just about every affordable non-invasive low back therapy available, I became desperate enough to try Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is basically glucose and water injections into the ligaments (sometimes they use extra additives). This may stimulate hardening, tightening, and thickening of the ligaments.  After extensive google research and reading the […]

Ease Back Pain in 8 minutes a day – How to Stretch‏

Before I began my stretching routine my quadratus lumborum was hiking my right hip up above my left by least two inches. Now they are relatively even and my pain has reduced. There is a lot of information out there about stretching. It is really hard to know what works […]

Should I go to a Chiropractor?

Well, this is something you will have to decide for yourself, but I would like to give you some things to consider. First, understand that Chiropractors move bones. That’s what they do. This can result is easing pain, or sometimes in some people causing more pain. Or causing new pain. […]

How I Reduced My Lower Back Pain By 80% in 1 Week

Like many of you know, being confined to a car for 2 hours a day can be a painful experience.  After two years of commuting to work I was given a parking spot in the building’s nearby parking lot. This change cut out about 1 hour of combined walking time […]